Meet the Staff

Senior  Team

Mrs L. Clark


Mrs A. Esp

Inclusion Manager

Mrs V. Tracy

Assistant Headteacher & Year Group Lead (Year 2)

Mrs P. Verkooijen


Mrs E. Kotzé

Year Group Lead (Year 1)

Mrs V. Bryant

Year Group Lead (Reception)

Portico Staff

Mrs C. Woolf


Mr R. Queenborough

Director of Teaching & Learning

Reception Team

Mrs V. Bryant

Kingfisher Class Teacher

Mrs D. Bird

Kingfisher Class Teacher

Miss W. Clark

Teaching Assistant

Miss S. Whiston

Peacock Class Teacher

Miss Y. James

Teaching Assistant

Mrs L. Jenkins

Woodpecker Class Teacher

Mrs A. Williams

Teaching Assistant

Miss M.Parmenter

Owl Class Teacher

Mrs S. Rayner &

Mrs M LeCorgne - Teaching Assistants

Year One Team

Mrs E. Kotze

Newt Class Teacher

Miss S. Penney

Teaching Assistant

Miss M. Iruskieta

Dragonfly Class Teacher

Miss C. Satchell

Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Carmichael

Frog Class Teacher

Mrs C. Smith

Miss M.Williams

Teaching Assistant

Miss N. Goodman

Duck Class Teacher

Miss K. Owen

Teaching Assistant

Miss E. Brown

Heron Class Teacher

Mrs K. Collard

Teaching Assistant

Mrs R. Burnham

Cover Supervisor

Year Two Team

Mrs V. Tracy

Fox Class Teacher

Mrs L. Garner 

Teaching Assistant

Mr J. Sayer

Badger Class Teacher

Ms J. Peters

Teaching Assistant

Miss L. Crowe

(Maternity Leave)

Miss L. Stephens

Hedgehog Class Teacher

Mrs S. Nanda

Teaching Assistant

Miss B. Ayres

Otter Class Teacher

Mrs H. Goodliff

Teaching Assistant

Miss P. Dixon

Squirrel Class Teacher

Ms G. Turner

Teaching Assistant

Miss C. Golding


Ms D. Sludden

Supply Teacher

Tutoring Team

Miss E. Apea

Ms A Ahmed

Miss C. Murray

Office  Team

Mrs M. Barrand

Office Manager

Mrs S. Gould

Finance Assistant

Mrs T. Watty

Admin Assistant

Ms K. Andrews

Office Administrator

Mr L. Gibbard

IT Techncian

Enrichment Team

Mrs L. Soane

Manager of Well-Being

Miss L. Stephens

SEND Teacher

Speech & Language Team

Mrs C. Walker

Mrs K. Owen

Miss E. Ley

Mr P. Baliey

Wildlife Ranger

Midday Team

Ms A. Phillips

Midday Supervisor

Mrs A. Arnold

Ms L. Bann

Mrs K. Chapman

Mrs B. Dhesi

Mrs S. Elliott

Mrs C. Fuller

Mrs M. Harris

Mrs M. Knight

Mrs M. Rayment

Site Team

Mr P. Matthews


Mr P. Bailey


Inclusion Team

Rainbow Room (Autistic Resource Base EY)

Ms T. Horton - Manager

Ms S. Snell Assistant

Mrs H. Shine - Assistant

Starlight Room (Autistic Resource Base KS1)

Mrs Y. Turner - Manager

Miss K. Gabrisova - Assistant

Sunshine Room (Nurture Base KS1)

Mrs E. Forsdick - Manager (Maternity Leave)

Mrs A. Phillips - Assistant

Miss M. Williams - Assistant

Welcome Room (Nurture Base EY)

Mrs H. Riley - Early years Key Worker

Mrs L. Lloyd - Assistant

Nursery Team

Mrs A. Snashall


Miss S. Brooks

Early Years Key Worker

Miss Z. Garrett

Nursery Assistant

Mrs C Taylor

Nursery Assistant

Ms S. Kadir

Nursery Assistant

Ms L. Elmes

Nursery Assistant